People’s heads are different shapes and sizes.  

MyMaskFit takes a 3D scan of the face using a mobile App, and uses these measurements to select a mask body that is closest fit to the person’s face. They then trim the edges of the mask with a soft silicone seal to provide a perfect, comfortable fit.

How you can help

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a face scanning trial so we can improve our product. Volunteers will be placed on a waiting list for priority access to MyMaskFit when it is launched. 

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The team at MyMaskFit consists of Doctors, Nurses, and Engineers.  

Valerie Bednar

Clinical Director
"I have never been able to find an N95 or FFP3 mask that fits my face. I believe that everyone should be able to get a mask that fits them correctly and provides the protection they need."
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Dr. Gareth Smith

Chief Operating Officer
"The worry that my wife was working in the ICU with COVID patients whilst pregnant brought home the real urgency of the need for properly fitting face masks."
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Ingrid Walker

"Experiencing heartbreak and deep sorrow first hand, made me aware of how the avoidable death of a loved one can be a life changing experience that leaves a scar."
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Paul Perera

Chief Technology Officer
"I am keen to develop sustainable manufacturing and solutions that solve our climate goals and bring mass customisation for diversity."
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Cliff Brindley

"MyMaskFit will make a real difference protecting front line staff with a bespoke mask and I am pleased to be able to help make that difference."
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Mindful of potential distribution issues, MyMaskFit decided to go for ‘distributed manufacturing’, which means that masks can be made close to where they are needed.  

The team worked with Swansea University under a Made Smarter Innovation Test Bed programme to design a manufacturing process that can be applied anywhere in the world.  All the customer needs is to download the App on their mobile

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