Custom-fit P3 standard transparent face masks, with a soft silicone seal.

The MyMaskFit mobile app scans your face and securely sends the measurements to our manufacturing site. Then we make a mask that is customised for you.
How it works
MyMaskFit P3 masks in process of certification to ISO-EN-13485 standards & EN-1827 CA/CE Marking with notified body for approval BSI.


We believe that everyone should be able to get a mask that fits them correctly and provides the protection they need to feel safe. This should be reusable, both for the benefit to the environment with reduced waste, but also so that every individual has a mask they know will be available when they need it.

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Personalised fit, soft silicone seal 
Prevents discomfort, bruising, and even tissue damage caused by masks that are too tight
Clear front piece with side respirators
Allows medical staff to communicate with patients while treating them
Reusable, all components are biodegradable
Reduces clinical waste and harmful environmental impact of single use alternative.



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